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4:30 am >> making news in america this morning. >> stay with us. have a great monday. duzoo are trying out how a panda cub died. >> an emotional game last night e baltimore ravens. t what tory had to say after playing a day after the sudden death of december brother. it's monday, september 24.
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>> we have gotten spoiled in the weather department. >> we will get spoiled a little more. most of the workweek is looking nice, especially if you like autumn conditions. a little chilly outside. at reagan national, 57 degrees. 54 at dulles. temperatures will be warming the sixties today and should top out about 72 degrees. looking for skies to clear sunshinet the day with this afternoon. in the seven-day forecast moment. let's check are traffic. >> our first look at the roads, accident. the prince william parkway is on the northbound side between dumphries road and hill. so be prepared for delays. up construction around part,ltway for the most on the inner loop at 66, all lanes reopened.
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95 has slowing between route 3 and route 7 team in falmouth. in maryland is quiet on 270. a live look at the beltway and boulevard, there's but no delaysone, to report. back to you. >> thank you. 4:32. the national zoo will announce preliminary results later this the deck of the giant panda bear couple. >> it died yesterday morning a g givin it did not have any signs of infection. >> the national zoo in washington is filled with creatures. >> when you think of the zoo, bears.nk of the panda >> they are the closest thing this attraction pastor celebrities. >> my 8-year-old wanted to see the panda bears.
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>> memories, scrapbooks. >> the lasting memory of this loss.will be one of >> i don't know what happened, sad.t is >> at 9:17 a campus pool officials detected a distress call coming from the mei xiang. >> she has been a fabulous mom by all indications >> . despite no obvious signs of it was not breathing. it was three and a half ounces. temps to say if it were not successful. >> it is tragic. >> these people visiting from of town came for one reason. >> they said they had made them turn off the video, so we bought a keepsake and made her feel a little better. >> exhibit is closed for now. zoo officials are committed to ththe cub died. it
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>> these are endangered. >> to officials hope to have how theormation on died after an autopsy is performed on monday. outside the national zoo in washington, jay korff, 7 news. >> a father accused of leading alone for moreme a day is scheduled to go on trial today. anthony venson facing child endangerment and other charges after the two-year-old girl was found at an apartment in capitol heights. she was hungry and dehydrated the apartment guilty. police got a call from the mother who was in the hospital. >> mosquito control crews will be out spring in the east port and annapolis sections of anne arundel county. it is an effort to prevent the virus.le it will also be done in the same area next monday. residents should avoid outdoor
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activities while it's going on. there have been three deaths so far from the virus in marilyn bart. one in d.c. and one in virginia. >> turning to the presidential republican nominee mitt be in colorado today. he spent much of last week dealing with controversial about taxpayers during the may fund-raiser. new polls show president obama pulling away in some key states including florida, ohio, and virginia. >> when the american people are asked of the basic question, these candidates do you better prepared to move forward in the next years? they say it president obama. >> i think it's going to be about your bank account and not account. bank about your job, whether you have or you are afraid of losing it. >> the president will be in new york today for the start of the assembly. >> we have to recall to tell you about from trader joe's.
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>> the apple iphone dust has not settled. it's becoming more elusive. let's get more from linda bell at bloomberg headquarters. >> i don't know if you had a finding no iphone on weekends. you are not alone. the wall street journal says retailers including best buy may received 10 of them friday's big launch. however, apple stores or able to the device in large numbers. calls the stores in new york, philadelphia, chicago, and los fromes reported sellouts' at&t.n and it could take four weeks to ship. trader joe's is recalling its creamy salted valencia peanut because of potential salmonella contamination. dispose of it or return it to trader joe's grocery for a full refund. more than two dozen people have
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far with the so salmonella in 18 states, most of them children. red lobster rolling out a more affordable menu soon with less seafood. and what redbox is doing to keep netflix on its toes. all that in the next hour. from lindaness news aps. >> i don't have an iphone. it was an emotional weekend for receiver torrey smith. brother kevin was killed motorcycle crashed in northeastern virginia. tory expressed his grief on twitter. then he made the tough decision his team's home game against the patriots. he went on to make six catches for 127 yards and two touchdowns. with three seconds left, the skipper got a 27 yard goal, giving the ravens
4:38 am
the victory. smith said he was glad the play.d to >> i am glad i came back aup here. it helped me out a lot. >> a moment of silence before last night's game to honor his brother. the redskins played before d yesterday in a against the bengals.i >> but they cannot do it. robert griffin iii was sacked times. they lost 38 as 31. 1 and 2.d now is the redskins have lost seven in row and home dating back to season. >> dwyane wade is in town this promoting his book. the admitted that he is a chicago bears fans and believes things our heads for r.g. redskins.e >> he is a great young player. he is exciting to watch. are a fan of football,
4:39 am
you are fan of r.g. iii. winning the heisman trophy and everything but he did in college year, i became a fan of his. i hope that he continues to do well. it will be good for football. >> bears his new book --- there his new book. >> 4:39, 54 degrees. >> the material girl returning verizon center tonight
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>> welcome back. i am jacqui jeras. a beautiful start this morning. we have a few clouds and that is us if you don't like cold temperatures, because it's keeping us in the '50s. 57 at reagan national, 54 at dulles, 48 in gaithersburg. 45 in cumberland. there are trees advisories in effect to our west. not in our viewing area. mostly sunny skies today. skies will be clearing with high between 67 and 72. we will stay nice through the days with highs in
4:43 am
the 70's. a check on traffic and weather locked. >let's check on traffic with angela. >> an accident on the prince parkway this morning. still shut down between dumphries road and road. hill traveling around the beltway in well as virginia, looking pretty good for the most part. there's still a work zone in virginia on northbound 95 making your way through fredericksburg and file must. -- and falmouth. elrich in alaska so far on 66 royal all the way to continuing tod the teddy roosevelt bridge. everything looks good so far on 66. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, an update on a local
4:44 am
student struck by a police cruiser.
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>> montgomery county try to piece crash ina deadly gaithersburg last night. collided around 8:00 on t seneca. one woman died and several others injured. of a highway was closed while police investigated. counselors will be at watkins mill high school today to help with a serious accident involving a classmate. 15-year-old jenaya richards was e cruiser while to cross the road. responding to a after aat broke out football game. >> of maryland task force is considering whether laws should
4:48 am
regarding people with illness in their access firearms. the task force was established in june. it will hold its second reading today. the panel is looking into laws policies related to law t officers access to records.alth >> for travelers to the east of d.c., a dec replacement project today on the westbound 301 in bridge over maryland. e celebrand significant delays. single lane closures on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. if you are headed to the madonna concert tonight at verizon center, get ready for a long night. >> last night's show started late.han two hours it's a good thing metro stayed open late. will do the same tonight. it's providing an additional hour of service. entrances at all other metro
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close at their time, but customers will acceexit those stations. >> 4:49, 54 degrees.
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>> good morning, everyone. i am jacqui jeras in the belfort furniture weather center. starting this morning little clout in this. say i would rather see the sun, but the clouds are helping us out, because it's g temperatures a little otherwise we would be seeing a more 40's on the maps. 57 at reagan national, 54 at dulles, 648 in hagerstown. we will see increasing sunshine throughout the day. will be warming up afternoon0's this high temperatures around 72 degrees. let's check on the traffic with angela. >> good morning. still dealing with an accident. on the prince william parkway, probably find alternating traffic on the betweennd side
4:53 am
dumphries road and colesville road. northbound lanes are closed with the accident. taking a look around the beltway, a live look at 495 and w hampshire avenue. looks pretty good. there is ongoing construction the northwest branch, but early delays coming off 95. gardnerville planes moving well through montgomery county to 270. 270 has all lanes open between germantown and the 270 spur. back to you. >> thank you. let's turn to entertainment news. some of hollywood's biggest names put on their finest for awards. prime-time emmy >> i caught the opening number and that's about all. big winners last night, now highlights. >> homeland. >> it got the top honors in the
4:54 am
new drama category. lewis won the best actor prize, says he's not much for competition. >> i don't think that you should judgethough i am delighted to be a winner. been toward ceremonies where five guys get nominated with ae guys walk away trophy and that would be my preference. danes as a high-profile fan. president obama. >> it is very cool. it means so much to us that he inconsistently -- he is tuning in consistently. >> modern family winning again. >> we don't pretend to be important in the way that national and international matters are, but i love that
4:55 am
both ann romney and michelle obama said that modern family is their favorite show. it's a place where people can down and come together on the couch and laughing is the only thing that matters. and modern family won for best supporting actor in a comedy. >> if you stick with it and try hard and be prepared, if you can win a trophy. taxable. >> in the league, the category, two familiar faces. julia louis-dreyfus and that crier. >> i am as shocked as you .eople that's why my speech sucked. i did not think this would happen. >> vma awards is always a good time. now it's back to the business of making good television so we can celebrate tv all over again next year.
4:56 am
-- the emmy awards is always a good time. >> regis philbin is making his return to daytime tv in a little different role. >> later this morning he will appear as a co-host on the show.l ray he left "live! with regis and in november and holds the record for the hours on u.s. television. you can see what is cooking up morning at 10:00 on abc 7. tonight marks the season premiere of "dancing with the ."ars it is the all-star edition. is former champions and other fan favorites. 13 couples will perform in an being the first show.ff the tonight's musical guests include bieber and rapper pitbull. pat all the fog tonight endicott on abc 7. you can get your fill.
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a rep for makx says he will soon be putting the show. >> we're giving away gift baskets filled with to a hundred of goodies,h including show dvd's. you have until 6:00 a.m. to go to our facebook page to sign up. winner eachunce the week during our 6:00 a.m. hour of "good morning washington. it is 64 degrees. >> still ahead, if you have not enough hollywood, we will look at the weekend box office. ow
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